Michael's Love of Wine

Luxury Wine “Dilettante Bon Vivant” & Collector – 1987 to 1997
Private Wine Cellar – Dallas / Ft. Worth Area

As a Luxury Wine “Dilettante Bon Vivant” & Collector, I began my journey of appreciation, knowledge, and information gathering about all fine wines throughout the world as I cultivated my passion and palate for the finer wines, how they were developed, where the top wineries existed and how to connect and network with many of the masters who helped to grow this industry.

On that journey, I began collecting fine wines and studying everything about them that I could find. As my collection and knowledge grew, so did my appreciation and longing for more. It wasn’t always easy in the early days to find and acquire the wines I was looking for owing to the three-tier.

On the home front, I started to introduce myself to Dallas area distributors to discover the wines they carried and to which retailers those wines were headed. At the retail level, I spent many an afternoon huddled in the back stock room looking to acquire a bottle or two of a highly desired, minutely allocated beauty that was on my hit list.

Over the years, a good many of these retail wine mangers became my friends and joined me at wine events and tastings. It wasn’t long before I had amassed over 1,200 bottles from just about every fine wine region in the world, and had cultivated my palate to recognize the subtle differences that winemakers, terroir, and vinification can make to the final product.

It was at that point that I realized I was getting more seriously involved with my collection, travels, and desire to learn more about the fine wines within the industry. I then stepped up my game.


·   Increase my knowledge with in-depth studies of the fine wine industry

·    Met and developed a list of fine-wine enthusiasts within in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area

·    Started developing a more sophisticated palate for fine wines

·   Collected over 1200 bottles of fine wine from almost every fine wine region of the world